Sushi surprise

Still recovering from my first all-out encounter with sushi at a fine restaurant. Didn’t realize how richly caloric some Japanese rolls at Ooka could be; no wonder finicky eaters forgo forks and knives for chopsticks.

Preliminary tally amounted to 2,000 calories, way over a sensible allowance. When I woke up the next morning, the weight scale’s digital monitor screamed I added three pounds.


Mesquito Grille secures the bill

A big shout-out to the folks at Mesquito Grille in Doylestown, PA.

After strolling around the Doylestown at Dusk car show Saturday, 7/19, I ambled into the Mesquito Grille’s bar for some blackened catfish, grilled veggies, some rice and crab bisque, and, oh yes, 18 ounces of Goose Island’s Matilda Belgian style pale ale.

While chowing down, we got in some good people-watching, so good, in fact, that I absentmindedly left my credit card behind in the bartender’s checkbook.

Not to worry. He’s a young, upstanding Doylestonian, assisted by watchful management that held onto my card until I called them this morning.

Did I mention the food is good, too?

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