The Road to Recovery

Alice enjoyed her first cup of coffee at our breakfast table this morning.
Alice enjoyed her first cup of coffee at our breakfast table this morning.  And her hospital bracelet is gone!

There’s good news on the home front.

Alice was released from Legacy Rehabilitative Institute of Oregon (RIO) Friday noontime, March 20.  A team of 11 doctors, nurses and therapists met beforehand with Alice and me to give their candid assessment of aftereffects from the stroke suffered eight days earlier.  Then they gave the green light.

Except for a speech difficulty known as aphasia, Alice appears 90 percent recovered.  As I drove her home yesterday, her mood was giddy relief.  We were in such a hurry to depart her cellphone charger was left behind, but RIO’s eagle-eyed staff found the device and left it at a nursing station.  We picked it up earlier this afternoon.

On our first full day together again, Alice makes fun of her inability to string together a coherent sentence, laughing aloud whenever an unexpected word pops out from of her mouth.

As usual, I do her bidding (well, most of it), and she thanks everyone for the thoughtful comments left on this website.  If you haven’t seen the good wishes from friends and family, check them out on my previous post.  More comments keep coming in!

Alice is a wonder.  After her release yesterday, we stopped by KinderCare where she works to show their staff how well she is doing.  They seemed mightily impressed.

So am I, especially because I woke up this morning to an intelligent creature who declared her love in our Sept. 24, 2011 commitment ceremony.

For all who read my posts, this is the place to join together on Alice’s road to recovery.  There are more photos coming.  We love you all, and thank you.

16 thoughts on “The Road to Recovery”

  1. Thanks for the photos… needed to check out that smile and those knowing eyes. Good job, Alice! So glad you made it back home for some peace and privacy… hospitals can be pretty rowdy and “in your face”. Take care and love to you both.

  2. May the great relief that capacities are accessible build a new foundation of appreciation for all the gifts in life. Brava Alice.

  3. I am so happy that Alice has been able to come to her home, where her heart is! Thanks to her determination, sense of humor and the loving care that Mason has for her! What an inspiration you both are! Hugs and love to you Alice!

  4. Mason, you are a wonderful caregiver. I know Alice is flourishing under your loving care. I am so relieved that Alice is home now with you. Most people do their best healing once home. Love and hugs to you both.

  5. I am so Happy for you that you are doing so well!
    Just told Matt that Mason is doing such a great job in posting all this info about you Alice and especially that he is taking such good care of you.

  6. Thanx be to God who does all things well. Alice, I am very happy for you. The unknowing of the future makes for a great ‘present’. Thankx for keeping us up to date. Chris

  7. You are looking great; keep up the great attitude. I’ve been praying for you. So glad you have Mason to care for you. His heart is truly in this. love you both

  8. Best wishes to both of you as you navigate Alice’s recovery. I’m glad she can find lightness in the unexpected poetry of aphasia.

    Have you ever seen or read the play “Night Sky” by Susan Yankovich? It delves into the mysteries of mind, using astronomical dark matter as a metaphor for the parts of the brain affected in aphasia.

    in harmony,

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