Portland Meditation

After a year, I found the perfect place to practice meditation on Sunday mornings.

No, it is not inside a Buddhist sangha.  Instead, the format of Quaker early service provides an ideal setting.

A new page has been created to tell the story.  You can find it here.

And if you never read my post about meditation at Pebble Hill church in Doylestown, you can catch that one here.

3 thoughts on “Portland Meditation”

  1. You state (as a warning) that Multnomah Friends are explicitly Christian. Actually, although some of us see ourselves as explicitly Christian, others of us see ourselves as explicitly not Christian. In either case, being Christian is not a prerequisite to being Quaker.

    1. Hello David, thank you for raising the issue, although I use “Christian” more as a caveat than a warning. Also, it’s safe to say Quakers are far from being monotheistic. And when I encountered a Baptist minister once in Florida, he evangelized there was no heaven or hell. That’s why I am drawn to Quaker silent practice, which encompasses a range of spiritual beliefs. I once read that true Christianity tolerates agnosticism and atheism.

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