Alice gets a job

Two weeks ago, Alice and I visited the Longview YMCA to tour its facilities.  I have put on 20 pounds since my bladder operation, and we both could use some shaping up.  Our guide turned out to be the Y’s executive director who took a keen interest in Alice’s renewed ambition to care for infants and toddlers.

The director handed Alice an application, and the two of us put together a multi-page submission, hand-delivering it on May 2.  Two days later, as we prepared for a weekend with our extended family at the Aphasia Network’s Couples Retreat on the Oregon Coast, Alice received a call back from the Y.

Alice was offered a job!

We shared the good news with over 60 student counselors and staff, as well as other aphasia-recovering couples that night, and the people went wild.  After three years of wondering whether she could adequately function as the professional she expects from herself (Alice’s stroke was March 12, 2015), here was the promise of a new beginning.

Back from the Coast

After our return last Sunday, Alice returned to the Y for a late-afternoon confirming interview.  Two days later, Alice underwent training, and guess what?

Her first day at work is Tuesday morning.

The initial assignment calls for Alice to work one day a week.  If Alice is able to progress at the Y, will I finally feel confident to take a break from driving for Uber and lately Lyft?  Will I finally knuckle down and begin to write the book I’ve been bragging about?

At this point, it’s one step at a time.  Four years ago, we moved to the Northwest to fulfill our manifest destiny.  Now Alice is 74, I’m 75, and we’re settled in a beautiful condo apartment where we can jump-start our talents.

So here we go!

11 thoughts on “Alice gets a job”

  1. This is wonderful news. I’m pulling for the both of you to realize the successes that your move West offered. Like so many pioneers who made the journey before you, you have endured hardships, but there you stand together successful in your voyage,and seemingly always thankful for the good things in your life. You have already succeeded. Now you are preparing to continue the plan thgat drew you westward.

  2. This is absolutely wonderful news! Congratulations to all of you: Alice, you, and all those lucky babies she will care for. Godspeed! xoxoxo

  3. Mason good to hear from you with such good news! You can’t keep a good woman down and Alice is proof of that. Holding you both in the Light!

  4. That’s very good news. It confirms Alice’s’ recovery by an employer. Something to celebrate.

  5. Beautiful beginning to a new journey.
    Alice is an amazing human being. You are a wonderful team.
    Much love,

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