A Birthday to Savor

Thanks to everyone for your enjoyable birthday remembrances. Facebook is, indeed, a social medium.

The photo above was made possible by my one-time sister-in-law, Mary Schenck, who called a Longview bakery on Commerce Avenue named the Sugar Pearl. Mary asked if they could prepare an Amaretto liqueur cake to make my 80th milestone birthday a special one to remember.

Boy, did they! Not only did I receive a VIP-worthy delivery from the bakery’s owner, but this sweetheart of an all-natural-ingredients marvel measures 8 inches in diameter and 4¼ inches in height. That’s mammoth!

I attempted to take a selfie sitting next to the cake, but it doesn’t do justice to either of us. I’ll post it anyway, because the pressure now is on. I must make a dinner worthy of this sweet introduction to my dining room. What about spare ribs? And what about a sauce that celebrates my father when he functioned as a sous chef at the Waldorf-Astoria? Over egg noodles, of course.

I haven’t left this plane of existence, yet. I’m sticking around, because I have to finish this book-length homage praising the pitfalls of life. I survived because of some dedicated women who loved me, and it’s time I give something back.

Thanks for my great birthday memories!

Anticipating the first bite of a bakery’s masterpiece.

5 thoughts on “A Birthday to Savor”

  1. Bappy Hirthday Mason!!!! Another trip around the sun, happy motoring. I’m catching up to you, this month will be my 67th. Who would have thought any of this would have happened back in the day sitting around the dinner table at Grandma Johnston’s. Good memories.

    1. Considering your legacy that brought gourmet dining to Bucks County, my birthday cake, although fancy, could not grace the Mansion’s bill of fare.

  2. If you still have an extra slice, freeze it for our next dinner dessert. I’ll save up my gluten day for it! If not, we’ll bake up something sweet and tasty. Happy belated my young friend. Looking forward to celebrating in person over something special to sip this May!

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