Happy Thanksgiving

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Take a look at the bedroom above, and you will sense why Alice and I are celebrating the glory of Thanksgiving.

One week ago, using two hand trucks we rented from a U-Haul dealer, two college students unpacked a large Pod filled with our furniture and possessions, carefully stacking the contents in our Hillsboro apartment.  The guys also assembled our queen-sized bed, and we have slept restfully ever since.

Our living room looks inviting and is filled with Alice's personality.
Our living room looks inviting and is filled with Alice’s personality.

For the past week, Alice went through each of the sealed boxes, filling our bureau drawers with their contents.  Her sense of design enables the rooms to look pleasing, and now we are able to invite friends and relatives over to share our joy of the holidays.  In fact, we had too much furniture, and we gave the surplus away to a nearby Salvation Army outlet store.

Our former neighbors in Doylestown, Pa. are enduring a pre-holiday Nor’easter snowstorm.  The only good thing we can say about their weather is we no longer live there.

Later on today, we will enjoy a grand Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin’s house.  Consequently, our hearts are full with joy and gratitude, and we hope you enjoy the best that this holiday offers.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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