Donald Trump Mouths Off Against Immigrants

The silly season is well under way.

In a bid to have their egos and “values” stroked on another televised episode of “America’s Politicians and How They Got That Way,” seventeen candidates for President of these United States threw their straw hats into the Republican ring earlier this year.

While shedding themselves of Rick Perry and Scott Walker, one of their ilk made an extraordinary mess.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015. Reuters
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares “You’re fired!” at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015. Reuters

Trump Is Not a Happy Guy

Donald Trump, emboldened on past celebrity exposure, became the Koch Brothers’ pandering ringleader by riling the masses with outrageous epithets toward Mexican-American citizens, while Jeb Bush forthrightly held his temper.  I don’t need to requote “The Donald” here, except to express astonishment over his latest salvo: He says his Republican rivals plan to start the next world war over Syria.  Where do they plan to recruit soldiers: from immigrants?

On this website is “Virgil’s Story,” where anyone can deduce that Virgil’s contribution to my ancestry was a rabbi’s ingenious ruse enabling him to slip by U.S. immigration gendarmes on Ellis Island.  You can read it here.  My father’s later fame to claim was that of a renowned big-band musician; he’s one of many immigrants who excelled once arriving on these shores.

What would Donald Trump do with everyone whose descent evolved from ploys similar to my father’s?  Would he subject our nation of immigrants to checking, double-checking and eventual deportation?

Of course not.  That’s why I see the aftermath of Trump’s obnoxious mouth as a sign of the silly season.

Is Marco Rubio looking aghast at the photographer?
Marco Rubio at a political rally

Anti-Communism as a hammer

But why hasn’t Marco Rubio raised holy hell about Trump?  As the photogenic son of an immigrant Cuban, certainly he sees behind the inherent danger of the “blame game,” in which politicians conjure up scapegoats to explain tough financial times, i.e. targeting immigrants whose ethnic experience differs vastly from Europeans.

How would Rubio answer the question, “Do Cubans think of themselves as better than Mexicans?

That’s not a stupid question, either.  In Miami for 50 years, I became familiar with Cuban social circles ever since Cubanos left their island nation to avoid political persecution.  Their exodus eventually transformed politics in Miami, and their brain-trust Latin Builders Association became South Florida’s money machine.

On their way up the ladder, Cubans pushed African-Americans to the back of the bus once again.  I wonder if Cuban exile politics finds it expedient to expose the whole country to unfair categorizations of Mexican-Americans.  When I lived in Southern California in the late 1960s and early ’70s, I discovered Mexican immigrants to be mostly deferential and anxious to stay below the radar.

Only when an undocumented immigrant commits an unspeakable crime does the reputation of that ethnicity become viral.  I say, “None of these accusations and innuendos is good for the country.”  Intolerant generalizations of ethnic groups divide us, and dash the concept of nobility against the rocks of vile behavior.

The Travesty of Republicanism

Republicans of the 21st Century are so dissimilar from their forefathers that they resemble miscreants who will do and say anything to get elected, while pursuing hidden agendas from wealthy contributors who try to remain masked by PACs (political action committees).

As a youngster, “I liked Ike.”  I remember when conservatism was synonymous with “conservation.”  Republicans then espoused protecting the environment; these days, I hear none of them embracing the inescapable fact that global warming is real.

What I despise most is that today’s Republicans have turned this country into a one-party system.  I believe we deserve a choice, but how can anyone deny the rising seas that are a direct result of climate change caused by human activity?

We can only laugh when the sideshow of politics borders on the absurd.  Let’s hope someone steps forward – besides a Democrat – who cares enough about this country to inspire a serious conversation.  Only then will we be able to stop laughing at this train wreck of a long-running stupid, silly season.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Mouths Off Against Immigrants”

  1. I always find it interesting how the left uses hysteria to label a political party or individuals who do not agree with their position. Miscreants is a good example. And, if we are to blame the Koch brothers for Donald Trump’s position on anything then it is fair game to blame George Soros for seven years of decline under this administration. Can we blame Soros for handing out trophies to every kid in little league sports? Also, “who will do or say anything to get elected.” The Democrats all willing to allow our borders to be over run by the millions just for that same vote. Miscreants all.

  2. Our father came here and snuck in. That is true. Remember, that was a different time and things were indeed different. These are are not those times. Republicans have not been against immigration. They have been against illegal immigration. There is a difference. Virgil was one of the good guys. There are many who aren’t. Open borders operate only here, no where else in the world.
    Global warming is not settled. There are many in the scientific community who reject that the world warming is due to man’s involvement.

  3. Hilary was and still is Soros’s favorite Democrat. He has said Obama ”is a disappointment”. So happens more guilt and vanity money flows into the Democratic party than the Republican party. I was an illegal immigrant for a few years before getting my green card. Like most new comers I had an eagle eye for the lost opportunities that old [long time] Americans were passing by. I do admire the ethic of the East Asian population they have some lessons to teach old Americans , lessons most old Americans seem to have forgotten but with a little nudging could act upon again. The Republicans pushed for the14th. Amendment and over the the opposition of the Democrats the 19th. Amendment. The GOP in 1965 voted 94% for the Voting Rights Act. For a party of supposed racists it’s telling that they have so eagerly embraced Ben Carson. I’m in general agreement with the other two posts.

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