How to Kill a Woman

While rummaging through the corners of my life, I came across the second book I helped create. I was introduced to real-life “carnie” Rick West, a hawker of circus freaks and a barker for Old West-style carnivals that separate a man from his money.I always heard whispers about such people; and that they will rarely expose the inner workings of such early 20th century legendary institutions. So when I heard he wanted me to edit his book with the ideal title, Pickled Punks & Girlie Shows: A Life Spent on the Midways of America, I jumped at the chance. Could I take this person from concept to publisher?

During the Bucks County (Pa.) February 2011 blizzard, Pennsylvania-proud publisher Peter Schiffer personally called me to say he accepted our submission and would use his Atglen facility to produce a coffee-table fomatted, soft-cover gem with photo-quality pages.

I felt proud; I knew we created something special.

The book, although printed in China, contains an image that haunts me still. And here’s why.

It reveals the ultimate way to legally kill a woman.

When the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, the war on women goes into overdrive. An increasing number of states have trigger provisions to outlaw abortion, including – and this is no lie – the health of a mother.

Take a close look at the book’s front cover above, particularly the lower left-hand image. It’s a photo of an actual fetus with two heads. Imagine a woman being forced to give birth to such a baby. I doubt she would survive being cut open.

That’s how to kill a woman.

4 thoughts on “How to Kill a Woman”

    1. No children, Harry, but at the age of 17 (many, many years ago), I personally witnessed a woman being treated for the aftermath of a botched illegal abortion. I never want to see another woman go through that horror again.

  1. The Supreme Court is not about outlawing abortion. It is simply returning the issue back to the states. Probably half of the states will put some restrictions or bans on abortion. That means half of the states will promote abortion. No one is forcing anyone to bear or not bear children. There will be plenty of states to get an abortion.

  2. Abortion laws vary from state to state country to country but all have restrictions. E.g. , first 16 weeks , 20 weeks and in some places up to late term, parental consent if under 16 , two doctors must consent to the procedure or it is illegal, etc. The morning after pill is now available which with time, as it catches on, make aborting health fetuses redundant. Of course there are always the stupid who don’t know the facts of life and keep getting pregnant no matter what. Aborting a 24 hour developing zygote will always be more palatable to the general public than dismembering a viable baby in the 3rd trimester, or younger, for which there is an industrialized underground market for the parts. Then there are those who consider life to begin at conception. The abortion issue remains unresolved law.

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